Sometimes in some nights
I see your face in front of me
but I don’t see your insecurity
when you stand there
but it might be
a possibility
to show myself
what you’re meaning to me.
Of course, it’s not the same
as yesterday
when we walked to the beach
without any place to show our feelings.

Sometimes in some nights
I’m lying awake
thinking about
what is the mistake
between us
but I’m unimaginative
to show
what we made wrong.
Now your presence
takes away my doubts
’cause you make me think
everything will be
okay between us, so I see.

Sometimes in some nights
I dream that we’re together
but when my dream changes
all in me waves meaningless
of course I’m feeling bad
and also sad
when you walk away from me
with him, away in the eternity.
The future will show
if all goes right
but I don’t like to wait
to get to know
that’s over then


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